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Brighter supports large organisations to reach, engage and inspire their workforces through creative internal communications.

communications planning

Our senior team will understand your challenges, generate a strategic plan and support you through implementation.

development and design

Our creative team focuses on creating compelling materials that bring your message to life.


Every day, we’re working with business leaders across the country—helping them amplify the success of their people programs.


Orica is the world's leading provider of operational resources to mining industries. Brighter plays a critical role in supporting the company’s internal dialogue program by developing innovative, creative communications solutions that secure engagement with Orica's diverse workforce around the world.


BAE Systems

Brighter has helped BAE Systems across a broad range of marketing priorities, including support for its internal communications programs, and the development of print and digital materials for new products. Brighter also has created advertising for the company's specialist business divisions.



Brighter developed a new generation of strategic and day-to-day communications assets to optimise how Santos presented its messages to key audiences, including local communities, company employees, investors and trade stakeholders, across digital and print media.


Pernod Ricard Winemakers

When Pernod Ricard Winemakers wanted to make sure its employees engaged with the company’s key messages, it commissioned Brighter to produce Thirst. The digital and print publication maximises the impact of its internal communications around the world.


On THIRST distribution day the whole office holds its breathe in anticipation, they absolutely love reading it. You walk around the office and you can see everybody’s down tools, and really absorbed in the Magazine.

Claire Haigh, Global Communications Director at Pernod Ricard Winemakers
Workforce engagement
Diversity & inclusion
Performance & reward
Change management
Content and design
Employee experience

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