Brighter specialises in internal communications

An altogether
brighter approach

We work with organisations across Australia to optimise
the effectiveness of their internal communications programs.
Our overall goal is to help them maximise employee awareness, understanding, endorsement and advocacy.

Inform — Educate — Engage — Enthuse

Planning, designing, executing and sustaining an internal communications program is never easy.

You'll want to share business-related content to ensure employee engagement is maximised

You'll want to accommodate the challenges of commercial and cultural diversity

You'll need to project your values without compromise

You'll want to continue to identify, shape and share great content consistently

You'll be mindful of tight timelines and the quality standards that must be met

Brighter works with internal communications teams to help
them meet these complex challenges successfully.

Leading organisations partner with us to help them deliver their internal communications programs.

We help them ensure that their employees are informed, educated, engaged and enthused.

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  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Program Design
  • Project Management
  • Creative Delivery

How we work with you

Our process starts with listening and learning

What are the business critical challenges faced by your workforce?

How are you helping them meet these challenges?

Understand your people — their diversity, roles, qualifications, history, sociodemographic, age ranges, culture, white collar/blue collar mix

Identifying the best mix of techniques we will use to engage with them — digital, print, face to face, video, audio, ambient

Why it matters

If you want to be successful externally, start by looking internally. Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share (Source: Gallup).

Higher productivity

Employees who understand their organisation’s true purpose work more efficiently to deliver it

Higher profitability

Employers with an aligned workforce report a more successful balance sheet

Lower absenteeism

Employees who understand why their job matters are more likely to be ready to work

Fewer safety incidents

Employees who feel strongly connected to their organisation are more attentive to following safe working procedures

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Plan, execute, sustain

The hidden complexity of internal communications programs.
Understanding the challenges, securing successful outcomes.


Passing the goldfish test

The next time you communicate something to your workforce, how can you be sure that they're paying attention?


Ten Steps for successful
internal communications programs.