What our clients say about working with Brighter


The guidance, project management, level and quality of work turned around in a short time was amazing. The feedback we received from our customers, partners and board directors was outstanding. The end result has really established ADVAM as a leader in our market. We are thrilled with the results.

Clare Briggs
Head of Marketing and Global Communications

The Brighter team exceeded our high expectations and designed a company magazine that we’re extremely proud of. Their creative interpretation of our design brief, attention to detail and ability to meet our tight deadlines was second to none, and we look forward to a long and lasting relationship with them.

Courtney Lynch
Corporate Affairs

Brighter has become a key part of our Brand and Communications team. They’re able to deliver across a range of tasks and timelines. Brighter has exceeded our expectations and has earned a place in our business as our design team of choice.

Angelo Russo
Public Affairs

Brighter has created a dynamic website that allows us to easily manage our online communications. It plays a key role in keeping our stakeholders informed about our vision and our progress towards these goals. We are delighted with Brighter’s work.

Damon Hunt
Head of Corporate Affairs

Brighter took our vision and made it come to life. I cannot speak highly enough of the Brighter team, who were just so creative, collaborative, flexible and responsive. In addition to their design skills and solutions, their approach to clients is second to none – I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Julia Hodge
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

The team at Brighter have been by our side since the beginning; they have the ability to bring clarity to complex issues surrounding our brands. They have been an asset to our group, delivering both strategic and creative solutions for our brands.

Jeff Ellison
Chief Executive & Managing Director

Brighter delivered a final web product that is now a seamless extension of our business. The site allows us to effectively reach, engage and communicate with our audiences. I'm delighted with the final result - I believe it is the best in our industry.

George D'agostino
General Manager, Marketing

Brighter understood the personality of our brand and have developed a fresh and distinctive image that is professional and a 'benchmark' for professional service firms. We are delighted with the result.

Sharon Pitardi
Marketing Manager

Brighter helped us express what was important to NG Media as a company and importantly as a people. They became a crucial part of our development from a remote broadcast production company to a national broadcast production company. Brighter is more than a design company, they are a group of talented visionaries that produced an identity that gave us a face for the world, that honoured the soul of our company.

Chris Hobart
General Manager & Executive Producer

Our family have worked with the team at Brighter for over twenty five years. It’s a rewarding partnership that has seen both companies prosper, with Bremerton now recognised as one of South Australia’s iconic wine brands.

Lucy Willson
Marketing & Direct Sales Manager

From the moment we entered the Brighter offices the staff were focused on understanding our business. They listened to our business plan, model and vision and from there asked guided questions and generated valuable discussions.  They were relentless in their determination to provide a solution that we as an organisation were 100% comfortable with but which would be well-received and recognised by the wider public.  Brighter will continue to be involved in all of our branding, marketing and creative changes in the future. 

Themis Chryssidis

Brighter are the custodians of our brand. Over the years they have come to understand our business, keeping us on track. Our group is always evolving, we rely on Brighter for sound advice to remain current and maintain our core values.

David Smallacombe
Managing Director

Brighter has been the perfect branding partner for us over the past year. They’ve delivered insight and ideas with great service. They’ve helped us to simplify our key messages, and communicate them powerfully. Above all, they’ve been supportive of us through the process in every conceivable way, as a true business ‘partner’

Gary Cobbledick
Managing Director

The team at Brighter inspired us with the way in which they identified then developed our theme and message. They then took the concept and developed a powerful graphic treatment, along with measured yet passionate copy, to help us convey the importance of the subject and the value in participation to our target audience.

Cath O’Loughlin

Brighter are a wonderful and valued supplier of pro-bono design services to FBSA. For more than 13 years they have worked with tight time frames to provide top quality work. All our staff love working with Brighter, their enthusiasm for getting it right and their compassion for the people that Foodbank helps.

Richard Pagliaro