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A Story of Strategic Success

Brighter's innovative awareness campaign for Burnside Hospital represents a landmark in healthcare marketing, integrating multiple brands to elevate the hospital's profile throughout South Australia.

The Challenge and Strategy

As a leading not-for-profit private hospital, Burnside Hospital sought not just to raise its profile but also to fortify its community of specialists. 

Brighter crafted a campaign that seamlessly wove together the narratives of the hospital and its affiliated specialists. This partnership model was instrumental, aiming to forge a cohesive and compelling healthcare story that resonated with patients and referrers across the state.

The Execution

Employing a dual-brand strategy, the campaign delivered synchronised messages for Burnside Hospital and its specialist partners, spanning various media channels. 

Adhering to APHRA compliance, the campaign balanced impactful messaging with professional integrity. A mix of outdoor advertising, engaging TV commercials, and a dynamic digital presence not only spotlighted the hospital's advanced facilities and services but also highlighted the specialised skills of its medical partners.

The Impact

This collaborative campaign significantly boosted the visibility and reputation of both Burnside Hospital and its specialist partners. 

It cultivated increased awareness and credibility among target audiences, underscoring the power of combined marketing efforts in the healthcare industry. This strategic alliance bolstered the hospital's community standing and reinforced the prominence of its medical professionals.

The Results

Brighter acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.