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Emergency Services Health was established to provide the very best private health insurance for Australia’s first responders and their families. Brighter transformed the funds marketing strategy.

As a market leading provider of health insurance, Police Health Group responded to enquiries from first responders by creating a separate fund — Emergency Services Health. The business sought Brighter’s help to review, recommend and implement improvements in how it communicated with firefighters, paramedics and the broader first responder market. Our delivery included a new tagline — Cover Like No Other; a refocused, benefit-led proposition, clarity over value and pricing versus the competition, and a makeover of Emergency Services Health’s visual assets. The result transformed its commercial success, and secured its growth potential in the first responder community.

When you look at the breadth and depth of knowledge they bring to the table — there’s no way I could acquire that in house — and that’s really special to us.

Angelo Russo GM Marketing & Strategic Relations

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