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In a rapidly changing environment for aged care provision, Brighter re-positioned Southern Cross Care to ensure the organisation’s personality, its brand projection, and its messaging communicated directly with older people — talking to them, not about them.

Southern Cross Care helps people to age healthily, stay informed, maintain independence, and keep connected with family and friends. Anticipating unprecedented change — a growing, older population of better informed, more empowered consumers, and a new funding environment based on personal choice — the organisation turned to Brighter for help.

Brighter created the ‘Better for Life’ campaign, featuring clients sharing how they got the most out of every day, ran on TV, radio, cinema and press, and was complemented by new website and literature design.

Southern Cross Care TVC

Residents tell us their stories – Life's good for Robyn & Barry!

Southern Cross Care TVC

Rodney is determined to walk again.

Southern Cross Care TVC

Elliot and Priscilla are ready for a little help.

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