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Brighter focused Bremerton Wines' core philosophy into a key statement — It’s our life — to underpin a series of creative executions for the Langhorne Creek business to match the changing needs of consumers in a competitive and fast-evolving market.

When Craig and Mignonne Willson began Bremerton Wines in the late 1980's, they sought out a creative agency to guide the development of their brand. 30 years later, their relationship with Brighter continues to flourish.

Bremerton's brand evolution celebrates the values of this family winery that’s now run by Craig and Mignonne’s daughters, Lucy and Rebecca. A focus on a strong, consistent brand identity matched to powerful photography is central to the visual language of this Langhorne Creek icon — ensuring cut-through in a competitive environment.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Brighter assist us through major brand relaunch, continuing to look at our label evolution as well as websites and all of our marketing needs.

Rebecca and Lucy Willson Bremerton Wines

Our family have worked with the team at Brighter for over thirty years. It’s a rewarding partnership with Bremerton now recognised as one of South Australia’s iconic wine brands.

Lucy Willson Marketing Manager

SBS television campaign

Watch this simple TV ad using existing photography. It features during SBS food programming, engaging with a highly targeted audience.

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