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The Pawn Wine Co is at the vanguard of independent wineries as it celebrates unique grape varieties and offers consumers a real choice. Brighter equipped The Pawn with brand concepts and ranges that reflect the sophistication and the playfulness of the business and its wines.

Tom Keelan established The Pawn Wine Co in 2004 with the ambition of challenging established players by creating a new way of connecting with consumers. Brighter responded to Tom’s vision by helping him develop a distinctive brand personality, complemented by innovative visual presentations, to ensure that The Pawn’s edgy, disruptive philosophy resonated with a new generation of wine lovers.

From the creation of El Desperado’s thermodynamic ink — which turns evil if it’s not cool enough to enjoy — through to the chess-inspired 'cool moves' of The Pawn, Brighter’s collaboration with Tom has helped this Adelaide Hills winery to continue to punch above its weight.

Brenton and his team helped me create El Desperado, which grew from one single wine to now being a 6 product brand selling thousands of cases.

Tom Keelan Winemaker

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